Marcia Noyes

My First Published Article -- 1967

The Little Rebellion | March 15th, 1967

Scan 24

For a little levity, I bring you the first EVER published newspaper article by Marcia (Horn) Noyes. China Elementary first Grade teacher, Mrs. Norton asked her class to write a story for inclusion in a school newspaper. This short, SHORT story appeared in March 1967 -- printed on damp paper with purplish ink, fresh from the memeograph machine -- a device that produces the most distinctive and forgotten smell known only to people of my era. Not a quiz began in the 60s before every student in the class had held this special paper to their noses and taken a big chemical whiff. I now wonder if that's why the memory of most everyone 50+ is starting to fail? Ahhh...I can still hear the sound of the machine's revolving drum being cranked by school office staff.